convert data to rdf / Turtle

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convert data to rdf / Turtle

Hi All,
I just started exploring Talend Open Studio Data Integration. I am interested in using Talend to convert data in a relational database to Turtle. For example, suppose I have record in an electronic dental record system like this:
patient_id 1001
    tooth_num 1
    procedure D2740 (porcelain crown)
    procedure_date 1/1/2017

I want to convert this record into a number of Turtle statements that look something like this:
@prefix : <>
    :patient_1001 a :Patient .
    :tooth_1 a :Molar .
    :tooth_1 :part_of :patient_1001 .
    :procedure_D2740 a :Porcelain_Crown_Procedure .
    :procedure_D2740 :procedure_date "2017-01-10"^^xsd:datetime .
    :procedure_D2740 :restores :tooth_1 .

Typically, I write a computer program to do this. However, I would like to speed up the process of creating this transformation code. Can I do such things in Talent?
I saw that there is talend4sw library, but it doesn't appear to do this.

Re: convert data to rdf / Turtle

So far, there is no a specific component for converting data in a relational database to Turtle statements.
Could you please take a look at kb articles about:TalendHelpCenter:How to create a custom component and TalendHelpCenter:What is a Talend component
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