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context variables not working

I have a problem in using context variables.
I am using context variables for my database parameters (user, pass, and so on) to make it possible to use my talend-project on different machines. Everything works fine on the "development machine" but if I import my project on a different machine, changes on these values are not noticed by talend.
If I change a value (e.g. pass) talend tells me, that all jobs are updated. But if I try to test database connections, talend uses old values (which are not working in this different dbms installation)
What do i have to do to propagate changes to all parts of my project?
Project was designed with talend 5.1...New machine uses latest release.
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Re: context variables not working

Where do you change the value of a variable? In Repository/Contexts? If so, it always pop-up a windows and ask for 'Do you want to propagate the modifications to all jobs? Just click Yes/Ok button to propagate the changes to all jobs which use these variables. It sounds like a bug in your case, go to the context view, do the see the new value after all jobs are update?
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