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context variables in ESB

I'm building a service with ESB for karaf deployment, but I want to understand the persistence of context variables.
within my service job, I am setting various context variables, then using them for computing the business logic, and inevitably delivering the results.
if I have multiple calls to the same service running at the same time, will the variables be consistent across all the runs?
so... if in real time the following sequence occurs:
call 1: begin
call 1: context.var1=1
call 1: context.var2=2
call 2: begin
call 2: context.var1=3
call 1: context.var3=context.var1+context.var2
...what will var3 in call 1 be set to?
ultimately... can I depend on the context variables within a job to be consistent throughout the lifecycle of a single call?
thanks in advance!

Re: context variables in ESB

the context.var3 will be 3+2 = 5.
I just test it in my studio, with an increment step of 1.
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Re: context variables in ESB

I know this question was a long time ago, but is there does anyone have any more clarity they would mind sharing on the topic?

Thanks, Ash.