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connecting to a H2 database

I am trying to connect to a H2 database (not Talend).
I can connect to this H2 database using H2 Admin Console
(the H2 Admin Console has the following settings)
Driver Class: org.h2.Driver
JDBC URL: jdbc:h2:C:\Guidewire\TrainingApp\db\ta.h2.db
User Name: sa
so I drag a tJDBC connection node and enter the following parameters
JDBC URL: "jdbc:h2:C:\Guidewire\TrainingApp\db\ta.h2.db"
Driver JAR:
Driver Class: "org.h2.Driver"
User Name: "sa"

And I get the following two errors
* Invalid escape characters (valid ones are \b \t \n \f \r \" \' \\)
* Parameter (Driver JAR) must have at least one value
what am I doing wrong?

Re: connecting to a H2 database

As the error showed, you have to specify the driver jar, the driver jar name is h2.jar for h2 database, you can download it from

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Re: connecting to a H2 database

Take al look at your URL! You have to use / (slash) instead of back slash! If you prefer backslashes in this case you must escape them like this \\ for one and \\\\ for two.