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compare two tables in MYSQL

I have created talend program to insert data in 34 columns of a table after joining 9 tables (Lets say Table1)
Same thing done with MySQL procedure.(Lets say Table2)
Now, I have to compare the two tables (Table1 with Table2)
Both the table are expected to have same data.  In both the tables I have 1,14,743 rows.
Is there any reliable free tool available for this to make sure each and every data in each and every column is same in both the tables? If there is difference, which data is different.
is there any other way to compare?
Please help me. 

Re: compare two tables in MYSQL

Do you want to compare two table with same structure and different data set? 
Here is analysis feature in Talend Data Quality Product
Could you please take a look at documents about: TalendHelpCenter:Table analyses and TalendHelpCenter:Creating a match analysis?
Feel free to let us know if it is Ok with you.
Best regards
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