Failed to send request to

Five Stars Failed to send request to

Hello People,

I am trying to establish connection with salesforce using valid credentials.

I have this error in PROD.

But same is not the case with REC.

I never have this error in REC and most often in PROD.

Please suggest a possible reason behind this error or a way to avoid this error.



Re: Failed to send request to


We need more information to address your issue.

Are you try to connect to a production or a sandbox environment? Does this error arrives immediately or do you have to wait for some seconds before?

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Re: Failed to send request to

Try with Salesforce API version 39.0 instead of 34.0 (see the URL). Also verify the URL is https;// and not https;// (as you want to connect to production).

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Re: Failed to send request to

1) We are trying to connect to Production.
2) This error does not occur immediately, It occurs very randomly.Sometimes the job runs is without this error and sometime I have this error.

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Re: Failed to send request to

How do we use this API v 39.0 ?
Apart from providing the URL in context variable , is there anything else that we need to do?
Could you please guide on how do we implement the change you suggested ?
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Re: Failed to send request to

You just have to change the version in the URL, that's all.
Based on your previous message, if the job works sometimes and sometimes not or the error occurs after a moment, you probably have a problem with your internet connection.



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