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change drive of remote directory using tFTP

i am using tFTPFileList to access FTP server.
FTP root is under C: drive.
but the file i want to access is under F: drive.
if i specify remote directory as "F:/hoge/foo", i get the following error.
Exception in component tFTPFileList_1 550 F:/Transmit/20100520Talend???/Master: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
at employee.test1_0_1.test1.tFTPFileList_1Process(
at employee.test1_0_1.test1.tFTPConnection_1Process(
at employee.test1_0_1.test1.runJobInTOS(
how can i change the drive of remote directory?
other applications are using the FTP service too. so i can not change the root directory of FTP