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change directory of the file

Hi list
i have 4 jobs using the same context
i would like to export these 4 jobs so as to store inside the same directory the 4 executable (.jar file) + the default.propertie file.
(having all together should be better to include them in another application, probably a C++ application).
first, i have made a job and put the 4 jobs inside. when i export i have the 4 executable (.jar file) in the same directory but not the default.propertie file :
i still have 4 default.propertie file, each inside the subfolder of each job.
i have read different things on forum :
using a "tLibraryLoad" component so i can include .properties file in a class path.... it is not really what i need
using a tFileInputDelimited file and declare into that component the path of a .properties file ?
using a tfileinputproperties file ?
thanks for helping !
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Re: change directory of the file

In Talend, the context vars are only variable in the job itself, so each job have a file. About how to call talend job in other application, did you read topics?
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