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can you tell when a job was last modified?

I have a project for all jobs pertaining to a single application.  This way, they can all share database schema definitions, context variables, etc.  Frequently, when working on a modification to an existing program, in order to keep my working (development) copy separate from the production version, I will create a new project, import the job(s) into it, and do my development work there.  When I am finished, I import it back into the production project.
However, sometimes I get pulled off of what I'm working on, to deal with a higher priority crisis.  When I get back to my development work, sometimes I'm not 100% sure which of the two projects is most current.
Is there any way to get the last modification date/time for a specific job within a project?
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration
Version: 5.6.1

Re: can you tell when a job was last modified?

Are you looking for "Creation Date" and "Modification Date" info in job review?
Please see my screenshot
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