cMessagingEndpoint and RabbitMQ (ESB Mediation)

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cMessagingEndpoint and RabbitMQ (ESB Mediation)

Dear all,
I'd like to read messages from RabbitMQ. For that I've done the following:

I created a new route
I added a cMessagingEndpoint on the "job" with "rabbitmq" in Advanced Settings and the following URI: "rabbitmq://"
with the assumption to read messages I added cLog as well and added a route from cMessagingEndpoint to cLog
I started the job
on RabbitMQ Management Console I inserted a new message to the respective exchange "myExchangeName" and the message ended in the queue "myQueue"

The problem. Nothing happens. The message is still in the queue. cLog doesn't show anything.
What did I do wrong?
Kind regards,
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Re: cMessagingEndpoint and RabbitMQ (ESB Mediation)

Hi all,
problem solved. I've tested the access with different protocols like MQTT. And it worked like a charm. That was the point as I assume that the problem wasn't Talend or RabbitMQ but the required and provided parameter.
With the correct parameter in cMessaingEndpoint which must be identically to the RabbitMQ Exchange and Queue setup I can get messages via AMQP 0.9 from RabbitMQ.
Kind regards
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Re: cMessagingEndpoint and RabbitMQ (ESB Mediation)

What is your endpoint URI for the MQTT protocol ?
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Re: cMessagingEndpoint and RabbitMQ (ESB Mediation)

Hi, I also want to read the message from RabbitMQ. Can you please help here. How you achieved it. What are setting you did.


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