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[cFTP] Get files from AS400

I am trying to use the cFTP component to get and send files from an AS400.
In my test route i use a cFTP and a cFile.
the send part is ok. I make a route from the cFile to the cFTP, the file is sent.
When i switch the route direction (cFTP -> cFile), i can see in the process console that the ftp is connected but it stays idle. it does not try to retrieve the file just sent with the previous route.
In a previous test i was able to use the cFTP to retrieve files from a FTP server hosted on my windows work station. What should i modifiy to make it work with the AS400 ? new parameters ? I need to retrieve all files from the specified directory.
ps : I use the TOS 5.5.1

Re: [cFTP] Get files from AS400

Could you please show us your job design screenshot? You are using cFTP to get file from AS400? AS400 DB? Could you please give us more description about  your current situation?
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Re: [cFTP] Get files from AS400

thanks for the reply.
Here is my design :

Both cFtp are identical, one is a producer and the other is a consumer. The cfile read a file that is sent to the AS400 plateform. the 2nd try to monitor the directory but stay idle. I know there is a file in the directory because i have just uploaded on it.
We bypassed the problem by using a ctimer + cBean and the jt400.jar (
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Re: [cFTP] Get files from AS400

I think you should try with a cTimer before you cFTP but firing the timer only once.
More details here: (firing only once)