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bit data type migration from mssql to postgresql

Good day. I have a next task. I want migrate data from mssql to postgressql without scheme modification. Source database have table with bit type column (Suppose the column is called "BIT_COLUMN_NAME" ). This column must be convert into same bit  column of table into target postgresql database. 

This generates an error:

Batch entry 0 INSERT INTO ... was aborted. Call getNextException to see the cause.
caused by: ERROR: column "ACTIVER_ENQUETE" is of type bit but expression is of type boolean


type cast: BIT (mssql) -> boolean (talend) -> boolean (talend) -BIT (postgres).


My mapping files:

1) mssql

<dbType type="BIT">
<talendType type="id_Boolean" default="true" />
<talendType type="id_Byte" />

<talendType type="id_Integer" />
<talendType type="id_String" />
<talendType type="id_byte[]" />


2) postgresql

<talendType type="id_Boolean">
<dbType type="BOOL" default="true" />
<dbType type="BIT" />


Thank you all!

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Re: bit data type migration from mssql to postgresql


Could you please take a look at this article: to see if this "dynamic schema" feature can meet your needs?


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