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beginner with bigdecimal issue


I am trying to export 2 fields from a postgres database in a csv file.

The request works fine when I test it.

The problem is when I launch the job : it fails with a message saying that my value (a http link) is not BigDecimal.


I have read posts but can't find the way to use them my case. Here is my basic job :


I dont't know where to write to convert properly the field causing problem.

Any help ?


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Re: beginner with bigdecimal issue

If you have to change datatypes, use a tMap (with the according conversion) or a tConvertType.

If you need more help, give us you PostgreSQL and tFileOutputDelimited schemas.

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Re: beginner with bigdecimal issue

Hi Lehan,


Please verify below points

1) Mismatch between talend type and DB type (PFA image) in the DB input component

2) It could be datatype mismatch between source and target columns. If this is the case you can use tconverttype to explicitly convert the data type of a filed.






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Re: beginner with bigdecimal issue

There was a problem of synch between schemas, and I had to create the fileOutputDelimited as well. Now it works.