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add Talend esb runtime into existing karaf servicemix

Is it possible to add Talend ESB into existing Karaf 2.3.1?
true mvnSmiley Surprisedrg.talend.esb/features/5.3.0/xml
true mvnSmiley Surprisedrg.apache.cxf.karaf/apache-cxf/2.7.3/xml/features
true mvnSmiley Surprisedrg.jclouds.karaf/jclouds-karaf/1.4.0/xml/features
true mvnSmiley Surprisedrg.apache.karaf.assemblies.features/standard/2.3.1/xml/features
true mvnSmiley Surprisedrg.apache.karaf.assemblies.features/enterprise/2.3.1/xml/features
true mvnSmiley Surprisedrg.apache.activemq/activemq-karaf/5.7.0/xml/features
true mvnSmiley Surprisedrg.apache.camel.karaf/apache-camel/2.10.4/xml/features
I was able to install talend-job-api and talend-job-dependencies, but when I tried to install talend-job-controller, I received ?
Error executing command: URL could not be resolved.
Thank you

Re: add Talend esb runtime into existing karaf servicemix

The org.talend.esb/org.talend.esb.locator.server/5.3.0/cfg file (actually, all the *.cfg files) is not available in the Maven centre, it is shipped with Talend ESB container (system/org/talend/esb/rg.talend.esb.locator.server/5.3.0/org.talend.esb.locator.server-5.3.0.cfg). so we recomment that you use Talend ESB container directly which is all stuff out-of-box.