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a slow speed of outputing from tmap to tMSSqlOutputBulk

Hi all,
I have done a left join between five tables in a tmap. It just takes 4minutes when the main thread is complete,but it takes about 20minutes to output from tmap into a
tMSSqlOutputBulk. I don't kown why. I have checked the schemas of both tmap output1 and tMSSqlOutputBulk,they are completely the same.There are not any function in the tmap either .
Thanks for your any suggestions , and happy Chinese new year!

Re: a slow speed of outputing from tmap to tMSSqlOutputBulk

the bulk components all write a delimited file that then gets consumed by a vendor tool for the DB.
Try to isolate the bottleneck. If you replace your bulk component with a tFileOutputDelimited and write the file in the same place as the bulk temp file do you see an improvement in speed? how much?
if it is a large improvement, the bottleneck is likely to be with the DB consuming the file. If you see no or very little improvement, the bottleneck may be with the filesystem you are writing the file to. Network mounts are slow.