XPath Query lost during job export

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XPath Query lost during job export

Hope someone can help me out here.
I build an integration that populates several fields in several tables. To do so I connected all my jobs (OnSubJobOk) to a tFileFetch. Most of the jobs work with a tFileInputXML to convert the feed. I Build it as a repository, but changed the Schema to Built-in as I have some minor changes.
Here comes the funny thing...I can run the job with no errors on my screen, but as soon as I want to export the job it is trowing errors, telling me that on (all) tFileInputXML the XPath Query is lost....
I am working with version 4.1.1.r63143 on a Mac...Anybody any suggestions?

Thanks a lot
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Re: XPath Query lost during job export

Have a try to migrate the job to latest version TOS4.2.2 and see if the problem still exist.
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