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XML with multiple child loop

I have to process on xml with multiple child loop elements...could you please suggest design...currently Job is build in Abinitio and we are trying to convert it to current job design...child loops are normalized one by the design will look in Talend...I tried to create MetaData from XSD...what would be the XPath if need to process all child loop elements...can I do in one step or divide in steps?


Re: XML with multiple child loop


Could you please elaborate your case with an example with input and expected output values?

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Re: XML with multiple child loop

Consider using Talend Data Mapper which is designed for arbitrary depth hierarchies.

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Re: XML with multiple child loop

Thanks! Haven't used it before...let me try.
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Re: XML with multiple child loop

PFA XML Sample. 

Parent loop is - MasterAgreement

Child Nodes are - SecurityAgreementList , MultibranchEntityList, FirmBranchesList 

Need to write data after normalizing to Oracle so scenario is if there are multiple records for first than I have to create those many rows...after that go to second child and again if there are multiple records...create those many rows and so on.