XML to Postgres ETL error - pstmt_tDBOutput_1

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XML to Postgres ETL error - pstmt_tDBOutput_1



I'm trying to load an XML file to PostgreSQL db, but getting an error during the job execution. Screenshot and detailed note of the message are attached.


As a simulation for another xml migration i'm using a simple xml source file and mapping to a postgres db exactly replicating the article posted here by Oscar (Spice Works):



I can successfully import, parse and map the xml file as described. DB connection is also successful, but the etl job fails with the attached descriptions.


The error message suggests that there might be JVM incompatibility. I'm using Talend Open Studio  7.1.1 with JDK 1.8.0_191 installed.


Can someone provide suggestions what might be the issue?


Thank you in advance,

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Asen R.

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Re: XML to Postgres ETL error - pstmt_tDBOutput_1


without details about your job (not errors), it not possible to find - what you do wrong.

think about case from this point - it is work, it is definitely work, and if it return an error to you, it means - you do something wrong, but you not show for us - what exactly you try to do.





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