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XML data as Text message for a tMomOutput component

Hi all,
I am new to Talend ESB Studio, and I am trying to setup a tMomOutput component that sends a Text message that is a XML string.
I have tried to use a tFileInputXML that reads a XML file with its File xml schema, but this is only sending the first attribute as I see in the ActiveMQ admin console.
Also I have tried tRowGenerator to create some data, then passing this to tFileOutputXML and then to tMomOutput, and despite this creates a xml file, this is not sent to tMomOutput.
What component do I need to just read the content of a file and not parsing it at all?

Thank you in advance.
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Re: XML data as Text message for a tMomOutput component

Hi all,
After several tries I could not make this work, but what I see it's the key of the problem is that code:
String msgBody_tMomOutput_1 = String.valueOf(;
javax.jms.TextMessage message_tMomOutput_1 =
This id is part of the schema of my data, and the point is that I need to send more attributes of my schema, but I could not find where to define which data is sent, as I have setup in the row link from previous step to tMomOutput to send all attributes for this schema.
Any ideas on how to include more attributes in the message sent?