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XML File to Talend Job or JobScript?



I am doing my research on a project. I would like to know if it is possible in Talend to import an XML file and convert it into a job or even jobscript (which will be used to generate the job)?


I am aware of Metabridge, which can import Cobol, informatica, datastage etc files. I have also seen an W3C xml DTD and xsd option but will it work on XML files which has metadata and conversions?


I am working in TOS now, but I will have the subscription version next week. Hence I have not yet tried it myself. 


Thanks in advance!

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Re: XML File to Talend Job or JobScript?

Hi Remytom

It is impossible to generate a Talend Job by importing a XML file, you have to create the job by hands or use Jobscript API to generate the job.




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Re: XML File to Talend Job or JobScript?

thank you. just wanted to check that. 


At the risk of being silly, a Quick question:

Jobscript API also works in Talend Big data Platform, right?