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XML API - Loop through list to update dynamic URL HTTP GET

Hi All,


So far have had fantastic support from this community and the product is exceeding my expectations every day. With some help in an earlier post was able to succesfully build my first ETL job.


Now i am working on a second part of the solution which requires

  1. Firstly get a list of valid upcoming dates and race types (
    • @MeetingDate, @MeetingCode
  2.  Then from the list above it passes to the next HTTP request to loop through each date and meeting code

So the values thet need to get passed from the first XML list are 

  • @MeetingDate: "2017/7/15" in the URL (this can change, e.g 2017/7/16, etc what ever is in the list)
  • @MeetingCode: "BR" in the URL (this can change, either BR, NR,TR,DR etc etc
  • Both meeting date and code will always be unique on a specific day. there will never been the same date and code together on the same date.


At present i have a simple job build which basically calls the current date and rotatesXMLList_talend.JPG










Thanks All, any ideas would be much appreciated


ill continue working through it if i find anything ill post back





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Re: XML API - Loop through list to update dynamic URL HTTP GET

Sorry if I missed it, but I did not understand your question. What is the issue you are facing?

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Re: XML API - Loop through list to update dynamic URL HTTP GET

Hi David
You need to use a tFlowToiterate to iterate each pair of MeetingDate and MeetingCode extracted from the first XML list, eg:
tFileInputXML--main(row1)--tFlowToIterate--iterate--tJava--oncomponentok--tHttpRequest2--oncomponentok--other components

on tHttpRequest: call the first API ( and store the response to a XML file.

tFileInputXML: read the response XML file, and extract two fields: MeetingDate and MeetingCode

on tJava: build the dynamic URL for used later.
String stringDate=(TalendDate.formatDate("yyyy/MM/dd", row1.MeetingDate)).replaceAll("/0","/");

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