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XLS or XLSX files

I receive (by tFTPGet) excel files to read with Tos. These excel files can be xls ou xlsx.
I must open each excel files with tFileList+tfileInputExcel to read the first line of each file for a tSetGlobalVar.
Is it possible, in a tFileInputExcel to read indifferently the both format ?
Thank you for answers,
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Re: XLS or XLSX files

Hi Quartz,
Unfortunately you cannot determine the type of excel file Talend is reading in runtime. This is because other code is generated for xlsx than there is for xls.
You could however split the job, choosing a lane for xls and another one for xlsx. If the schema of both files is the same you could output both to an tHashOuput or an intermediate file, and then rejoin them later on.
Hope this helps!