Writing a component creation tutorial

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Re: Writing a component creation tutorial

first of all, I would like to thank Saburo for the great tutorial on the Talend Component creation, I really like it and find it useful.
I have a question related to the part 9 of the tutorial - especially to the filtering of the output rows. I'm trying to implement this in TOS 5.6.1 and my job does not compile, because the row1 and row2 (in my code) are of the same type - row1Struct. The generated code contains these lines:
row1Struct row1 = new row1Struct();
row1Struct row2 = row1;
and later, when my custom component outputs this code:
if (nb_line_tTutorial8processing_1 % 2 == 0) {
  row2 = new row2Struct();
} else {
  row2 = null;
it won't compile because row2 is of type row1struct, not row2struct.
I would like to ask for an advice, why does my job behave like this. I've tried to experiment with component XML descriptor - HEADER attributes HAS_CONDITIONAL_OUTPUTS, DATA_AUTO_PROPAGATE and SCHEMA_AUTO_PROPAGATE, but with no success.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance and best regards,
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Re: Writing a component creation tutorial

It is nice tutorial.
Yes sure please update more in future.
It will be good for all of us.
Very well done.
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Re: Writing a component creation tutorial

what type of components are useful while doing incremental update in mySQL
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Re: Writing a component creation tutorial

@hansut (Tomas): This might answer your question regarding part 9 (where does the instruction "row1Struct row2 = row1;" come from and how to get rid of it).


After setting HAS_CONDITIONAL_OUTPUTS, DATA_AUTO_PROPAGATE and SCHEMA_AUTO_PROPAGATE in the HEADER and moving the changes to the palette, you might need to remove the previous component from the subjob and then add it again. Sync the schema where required after reconnecting the components. That worked for me.


As Saburo explained at the beginning of part 9, Talend assigns row1 to row2 automatically when you activate the data auto propagation. But this assignment resided in the code even after updating the header. I am using version 6.4.1 and I am absolutely new to Talend. Thank Saburo, I could now learn how to add components. @Saburo: Thanks, please keep up the good work.


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