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Writing ORC files

Hi everyone,
First of all, sorry if this has already been answered in this forum, but I didn't find any topics about that.
Here is my question :
I've created a Hive table SOTRED AS ORC.
For now, the only solution I found to feed this table is to create a TEXT table, create/upload the file with a Talend job and copy the content from the TEXT table to the ORC table.
I was wondering if it is possible to write ORC files directly from Talend.
Thank you for any advice.

Re: Writing ORC files

Hello Orlando,
No there is no other way to load an ORC file. What you do is the good way of doing to load an ORC file, and that's what the Hadoop vendors write in their documentation.
Best regards,
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Re: Writing ORC files

Thank you for your answer Remy.