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Wrapper Logs

I have to capture some console logs and I setup the "wrapper" feature in Karaf. The logs are captured in the standard default location <RuntimeContainer>\data\log\wrapper.log


I started the service on Friday. The wrapper was capturing the logs. Over the weekend, there were lots of other calls made, but none of them show up in the wrapper. Infact the last modified timestamp is from Friday only. The standard Karaf logs in <RunTimeContainer>/log/tesb.log is capturing all requests without issues.


I don't know what is going wrong here and why the wrapper logs are not being captured. Any suggestions are welcome.




Re: Wrapper Logs


Do you mean that your Wrapper log file is not rolling over? What's your setting at the wrapper.conf


Could you please indicate on which talend ESB product build version you got this issue?

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Re: Wrapper Logs

Not exactly. The wrapper.log last updated shows 2 days ago. But I am seeing more and more messages coming and getting logged in tesb.log (about messages received/ sent). Hence curious what would cause the wrapper.log to stop displaying new logs