Would Talend Work for Me?

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Would Talend Work for Me?

I have been tasked with finding a platform such as talend to combined multiple data sources for Analytics purposes. Yes, I understand talend does just this. However, for my scenario it depends more on how talend does this and what sources I can leverage.
What I am looking to do:
- Combined data from SQL Server, Excel, and multiple Google ad services (find list of sources below)
- Automate process to populate data into data warehouse
Ultimate Goal:
- Produce user friendly cross media analytical reports for all company users.
Google Data Sources:
- Analytics
- Ad Words
- DoubleClick Display (DFA)
- DoubleClick Search (DS3)
- DoubleClick MediaVisor
1) Once I build the job to connect all the desired data sources, can the job be automated?
2) Does talend have any type of dashboard or reporting tools for users to easily gather information?
3) How difficult would it be to pull data from the Google ad services and how would I go about doing it?
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Re: Would Talend Work for Me?

1Smiley Happy Enterprise version has automation tools. Open source version produces java, so you can use linux cron jobs, or windows automation
2Smiley Happy not that I know of. Use Tableau, QlikView, or Spotfire. Tableau is the easiest for a power user
3Smiley Happy If ad services is a web service, then Talend can call it
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Re: Would Talend Work for Me?

Thank you very much for answering my questions. Google ad services are web services. I have actually been looking into how to get the data from the Google web services. The only way I have found thus far is by building components and leveraging the Google APIs. Is there another way? Also, once a job has been created is it possible to put the job on a schedule to run and append a warehouse with new data?
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Re: Would Talend Work for Me?

Hi Seand
Take a look at this custom commponent tGoogleAnalyticsInput created and shared by jlolling, and see if it address your need. About the scheduler for a job execution, there is an built-in job scheduler in Talend Enterprise subcription version, with community version, you can use linux cron, Windows task manger or external scheduler tool.
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