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Where is California_Clients.csv file

In the users Guide: Appendix A page 200
At Step2, select the input file (California_Clients.csv) via the Browse...
I can NOT find the file?
Any hints?
Thank you in advance.
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Re: Where is California_Clients.csv file

Dear user,
To make things clearer, let me explain you the various resources that you have at your disposal to discover Talend:
- Tutorials (video) published on
- Job Design Scenarios described in the User Guide (the scenario you're talking about)
- And the Demo Project, which is provided with Talend Open Studio zip file, and which includes numerous example files.
What you need to know is that these 3 resources are independent from each other, hence the example files are not common.
In the documentation, the Job Design scenario, you are referring to, uses the file "California_clients.csv" only for the sake of the example. This file is thus not provided in the Demo project nor in any folder provided along with TOS application.
However, the data itself is not that important, you can complete this "exercise" with any csv file, that you have at your disposal! For example, if you have installed the example files from the Demo Project, you could use the file C:\talend_files\in\csv\customer1.csv in place of the california_clients file.
I'm sorry about this misunderstanding. But the positive point if that this lets us think that we should probably include some example files used to write the User Guide scenarios, in the Demo project in the future.
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Re: Where is California_Clients.csv file

It seems hopeless not to provide the data files - it makes a nonsense of the demo.
Later in the demo, the file LosAngelesandOrangeCounties.txt is referreed to.
Without files with suitable structures, the demo doesn't work.
It is also bizarre that the TalendOpenStudio_UG_32a_EN.pdf file has the demo as an appendix.
I can't be alone in first wanting to see software work before I read screeds of documentation.
Also this file is out of date with the software, referrring to functionality that works differently and at times written in dubious frenglish.
It would be more enouraging if the demos worked and how to run them was included as a "quick start" guide.
My attempts at getting demos to function indicate this is impressive software.