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Where find resource manager URI value

i need use the cloudera CDH 5.8 for Talend Open Studio Big Data 6.3.0. For this, i want find the URI of the "resource manager" and "the resource manager sheduler" from yarn-site.xml file. But on my cloudera i don't find these values.
So , from where i can recover them?
thank you

Re: Where find resource manager URI value

Did you follow up document about:TalendHelpCenterSmiley Frustratedetting up Hadoop connection manually to set up the connection to a given Hadoop distribution?
Have you checked the yarn.resourcemanager.hostname property in the configuration file yarn-site.xml of your cluster?
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Re: Where find resource manager URI value

Hi , 
i'm sorry , i don't have the yarn.resourcemanager.hostname property. 
but i resolve the problem, i leave the default value and i replace the localhost by the ip address.
Thank you