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When deploying a Task from TAC, why does the status display "Ready to install" for a long time?

Talend Version          6.x


Tasks status displays Ready to install and other status messages during Task deployment.
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Product TAC, Jobserver
Problem Description Sometimes, when clicking Deploy from TAC's Job Conductor to deploy a Task in Jobserver, the status of the Task becomes Ready to install. What does this status mean?
Problem root cause  
Solution or Workaround

Task status Ready to install means Jobserver has received the Job Zip file from TAC, and is ready to unzip it into Jobserver's repository folder.


More details: when you create a Task and generate it, the status becomes Ready to deploy. This is what you normally see.


When you click Deploy, the Task goes through several intermediary states, and if everything goes well, it ends up with the status Ready to run.


Here are the intermediary states between Ready to deploy and Ready to run:


Begin/End Status Intermediate States Activity
Ready to deploy    
  Requesting deployment TAC is contacting Jobserver
  Sending TAC is sending the Job's Zip file to Jobserver
  Ready to install The Zip file transfer is complete, and Jobserver is ready to unzip it to 'install' it
  Deploying Jobserver is unzipping the Job's Zip file in Jobserver's repository folder, and is storing various jars needed by the Job in Jobserver's cache/lib folder
Ready to run    


Most of the time, when there is no problem, these intermediary states go very fast and you wouldn't even be aware of them. Sometimes you might see the Sending state if there is latency between the TAC and Jobserver servers.

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