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What should I use to Populate the fact table!

Hi everybody !
I create my dimension table with Mysqlconnection, tmysqlinput, tmap and tmysqlSCD in a job.Now, to populate the fact table I create another job .How can i do this and link the compenent?Except tAggregateRow what should I use ? should I call the dimension tables?or tables in relationel database and how much compenents ?
Im sorry but I'm a little confused :s

Thanks in advance
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Re: What should I use to Populate the fact table!

To call another job, you can use the tRunJob component.(see user documentation to know its usage) and you pass the relevant parameter to another job via tRunJob. see a 1654
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Re: What should I use to Populate the fact table!

Hi hayane,
I think you really need to be clear about the process you want to implement and your information model.
I guess you plan to fill your dimension table first, then your fact table with a foreign key referencing your dimension table. To do that, you need to know which key to use : how do you link a fact to it's dimension ? When this is clear, you will have to implement it. There comes Talend.
Let's assume I want to move data from a source to a datawarehouse. I can use a "corresondance file" to keep the link between my dimension data from the source, and my dimension data in the dimension table of the datawarehouse. Then, I link the fact data from the source to its related dimension data from the source, and using the correspondance file, i can trace the corresponding data in the datawarehouse. This is how I get the foreign key I need to populate my fact table.
The components involved in this job are tmysqlinput, tmysqlInput, tFileInputDelimited all connected to a tmap, of which the output is linked to a tmysqlOutput.
I fill my dimension table first, by runing the job (the one you've already made), and then I run the new job designed to fill the fact table.
Good luck