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What's Talend business model

Hello there,
Since anyone can download the software for free,
What's your business model beside selling services (which seems mainly in the US)
Have you got offices in France and in the rest of Europe
I've been looking for an alternative to Microsoft BizTalk, and TOS seems to be exactly what I was looking for,
keep up the good & fine works from yours. It's a great piece of software
Best Regards from France,

Re: What's Talend business model

Hi Tarek,
Thank you for your message. A part of the R&D, support and expertise teams are based in France near Paris (Suresnes).

PS : for our business model, it's based on services and subscriptions and we have customers in France (DGCP, SNCF, Accor, Universite de Toulouse, ETAI...) not only in the US!
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Re: What's Talend business model


Could you tell us more about why are you looking for an alternativ for BT.