What is the purpose of routePolicy in ESB ?

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What is the purpose of routePolicy in ESB ?



I have one route already created. I'm trying to understand that.


Here is the structure.


cConfig component 


import org.apache.camel.impl.ThrottlingInflightRoutePolicy;

ThrottlingInflightRoutePolicy maxInflightPolicy = new ThrottlingInflightRoutePolicy();


My First Question here is, Is setMaxInflightExchanges count is the max number of messages which can fit inside a queue ?





Below are the component's settings:


1) In cFile there is some directory path is present 


Question: Does cFile read files or just pass the name and path of file ? What's happening in this case ? Does cFile always receive the path of file from queue set up in route ?



2) In cJavaDSL Processor below code is mentioned




Question: What's the purpose of this code ?  I'm not able to find these method anywhere online. Could please anyone help to understand this ?


3) In cSetHeader component follow details are mentioned


Name(MessageInterface)  Language(Constant) value("0") 


Question: This component is setting header with a name of MessageInterface and value is "0". What does it means ? What's a purpose behind that ?


Thanks in advance...!










Re: What is the purpose of routePolicy in ESB ?


We have redirected your issue to our ESB experts and will keep you posted.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: What is the purpose of routePolicy in ESB ?

Please review http://camel.apache.org/routepolicy.html



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