What is the difference between OnSubjobOK and OnComponentOK?


OnSubjobOK and OnComponentOK are trigger links, which can link to another subjob. The main difference between them lies in the execution order of the linked subjob.

  • With OnSubjobOK, the linked subjob starts only when the previous subjob completely finishes.
  • With OnComponentOK, the linked subjob starts when the previous component finishes.


What is a subjob?

A subjob is a self-contained subset of a larger Job, composed of components and links.

The following diagram shows a Job with three subjobs:


The execution order of subjobs linked by OnComponentOK is within the execution cycle of the previous subjob. In this example, subjob 2 starts when tLogRow_1 finishes; subjob 3 starts when both subjob 1 and subjob 2 end, because subjob 2 runs within the execution cycle of subjob 1.

Only the first component of a subjob can use the OnSubjobOK link.

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