What is Test case for in Talend Data Integration?

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What is Test case for in Talend Data Integration?


I follow Talend Lab and the following video to build Test Case. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ygeg8Xt1x88  It works, but I fail to understand when to use this TESTCASE feature in the development cycle.   



Scenario 1: Automatically run Unit Tests in Step 5 of this Talend CI procedure. 


"Step 5 Run Tests

  • This step will run any unit tests created in the Talend studio by the developer
  • These unit tests can be created by right clicking on a component in the studio and providing expected input and output criteria for the selected group of components"

Scenario 2: Implement Test driven development. 

Take my example, generating input_file1/input_file2 and reference_file1 first before developing the component tMap_1. 


Scenario 2 makes a bit more sense. I'm struggled to find how  Scenario 1 will work in the real life.
* Developer develops the job, and create many TESTCASE on each key component ;
* TESTCASE can only apply single component. If developer modifies the logic of one component, developer must modify all three files accordingly. Otherwise, TESTCASE will fail. If no logic is changed within this component, surely the TESTCASE will success.
In Scenario 1, what are the benefits from TESTCASE to justify the extra work?



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Re: What is Test case for in Talend Data Integration?

Attached the job in Designer. 


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