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What is Security Service URL in tMicrosoftcrmOutput component?

Hi Talend Team,
Please can you answer to below queries :-
a) What is Security Service URL in tMicrosoftcrmOutput component, this field is enabled when we select 2015 as CRM version while configuring this component? What it purpose of it? 
b) When is Trust Certificate needed? What is purpose of it?
c) Please can you elaborate me the types of organization Wdsl URL?
d) Can we create new custom entity using Talend? Do we need privileges on CRM end for creation of custom entity?
I need to understand this because I can configure tMicrosoftcrmOutput component. 
No help is provided by Talend team about the configuration of CRM components using Talend and have limited resources available on Google also.
Its urgent.
Best Regards

Re: What is Security Service URL in tMicrosoftcrmOutput component?

Here is a feature jira issue:
We are working at the documentation about CRM 2015 on_premise authentication type and will keep you posted.
Best regards
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