Webservice timeout:Restful service

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Webservice timeout:Restful service


A talend job to provide data provisioning using webservice has been created i.e extracting the data from database and transforming it in form of xml
The sequence of components used is

Following job works fine but due to huge data i.e 1 million rows there is timeout while accessing the webservice.Also there is join query in toracleinput.
1. How can we perform performance tunning?
2. How can the response time be reduced in above case without increasing the timeout duration above 180 sec


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Re: Webservice timeout:Restful service

Is your SQL query fully optimized?
How long before to receive the result when using SQL*Plus? (you cannot expect a better response time as soon as use the same query with the same condition)

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Re: Webservice timeout:Restful service

The query involves fetching the data from a view

I have checked the response time at various stages.Following is result

Time taken for Executing Query on view using TOAD for Oracle : 34 sec

Total Execution time (checked in Talend developer studio) :   280 sec


The same query and same condition has been used while calculating response time