Webservice send JSON without doble-quote("")

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Webservice send JSON without doble-quote("")

I have a simple webservice where I send the result from a mssql query through a webservice:




Problem is that I am sending a string through the webservice and the JSON field doesn't always have the doble-quote(""). This is the best picture to show the error:


I have to say that "quantitat" is a numeric field(talend bigdecimal) at the database but I have done all the possible casts to make it a string and still doesn't work.


This is my tXMLmap:


Any Ideas? I have checked all the schemas and stuff. Weirdest thing is that sometimes I am getting " " and sometimes doesn't. 

I have been working on it all the day but I am not being able to fix it.  I would appreciate any idea because I am not sure if this is a txmlmap problem, json...database with bigdecimal,deploying at karaf....I am lost.

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