Webhook ignores resource_webhook_payload context variable

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Webhook ignores resource_webhook_payload context variable

I am trying to figure out how to populate the resource_webhook_payload context variable,which is required to execute a talend cloud job via a webhook. 


I am using salesforce and I have set up an outbound message trigger to execute a talend job based a status change within the Case record.  Salesforce will send a soap payload with the webhook call, and my expectation is that the talend cloud job would populate the resource_webhook_payload variable with the payload sent from salesforce (or any external system that sends a payload).


I am having a difficult time finding anyone with a knowledge of talend cloud and webhooks.  I have spoken with support, but no luck so far.  I am hoping someone out in the talendsphere can help me get to the bottom of this issue.


Thank you.  Matt   

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