WebSphere MQ CipherSpec

I am trying to connect to a WebSphere MQ server using Talend. I have set up a tMom connection with appropriate server configuration settings and user credentials under 'Basic Settings', and checked the 'Set CipherSpec' box under 'Advanced settings' and set the CipherSpec to match the host server CipherSpec (RC4_MD5_US).
Every time I try to connect to the server it hangs up immediately. The MQ logs show that the CipherSpec is not being specified on the remote channel I've configured through Talend, even though I've checked the 'Set CipherSpec' box and selected which CipherSpec to use:
AMQ9639: Remote channel 'xxx.xx.xxx' did not specify a CipherSpec.
  Cause . . . . . :   Remote channel 'xxx.xx.xxx' did not specify a
CipherSpec when the local channel expected one to be specified. The channel did
not start. 
  Recovery  . . . :   Change the remote channel 'xxx.xx.xxx' to specify
a CipherSpec so that both ends of the channel have matching CipherSpecs.

Has anyone else had this issue with tMom connections? 
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Re: WebSphere MQ CipherSpec

I have actually been struggling with the same thing and have spent hours looking and testing - anybody have any ideas?