Web Service acting as a router

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Web Service acting as a router



I have Talend Open Studio for ESB and I am trying to create a web service that will act as a router to other web services based on an input parameter.


From what i gather i would have something like this:

tESBProviderRequest -> (some component that can choose the correct WS to invoke based on the XML parameter) ->

     tESBConsumer1 -> tESBProviderResponse1

     tESBConsumer2 -> tESBProviderResponse2

     tESBConsumer3 -> tESBProviderResponse3


Can anyone point me in the right direction as to which component i can use to make the selection?




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Re: Web Service acting as a router

do You already check provided by Talend Studio demo Jobs?

for example with name "ContextBasedRoute"?


if You want work with DI part and use exactly tESBProviderRequest/tESBProviderResponse

You can use run-If trigger and route job by parameters

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Re: Web Service acting as a router

I checked the content based routing but I am having difficulty finding out how to configure the When Trigger. How would I build a simple language expression that compares the value of a parameter?

Let's say I have an input parameter in my web service called Operation, I tried ${body.Operation} == 'something' but it doesn't work. Is there any tutorial on this apart from the apache camel simple page?