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Web Service - Post vs Get

The Wiki shows how to pass values to context variables in the URL using HTTP Get. I have been able to capture the name-value pair in a job using tContextDump. Using HTTP Post, on the other hand, causes an error.
How do I set up a job to accept input from HTTP Post using the SOAP envelope generated from the WSDL?
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Re: Web Service - Post vs Get

Got it. Not having worked much with Apache AXIS, I figured out the URL to use (which is a bit different than the one you use for HTTP Get).
If you use a web service testing client (I used you can get the WSDL from the following URL format:
http://<AppServer>/<WAR file name>/services/<Talend Job Name>?wsdl
Make sure the Endpoint URL looks like the above, but without the "?wsdl" at the end. Now, in the SOAP envelope that is generated you can use the context variables inside the args/item tag: --context_param <YourContextVariable>=<whatever you want to pass>