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Way to transfer the data efficiantly

We are planing to assign dedicate server for Talend Job Server.
But I am wondering if I should install Talend Job Server in either Data Source Database Server or
Target DWH Database Server.
If I have the dedicate Talend Server,
I assume ETL load the huge data from Data Source DB to Talend Server first over Ethernet and then push it
to Destination Database Server from Talend Server again by Ethernet.
If I installed Talend Job Service into either Src DB or Target DB,
I assume the data transfer over EtherNet is only one time and the other one should be transferred by Internal SCSI BUS.
But for maintenance and save CPU, Memory usage of the SRC Database, and DWH(Destination BD) servers,
I would like to assign a dedicate server.
Is there any way I can set the job to transfer directly using Talend
Say I have Server A (Data Source DB Server), B (Destination DB Server), and C (Talend Job Server)
all connected by Ethernet.
I would like to set the job at Server C (Talend Server) to transfer the data from Server A to Server B directly.
Is this possible? (I may have to actually create SQL/SP at Server A or Server B and just execute from Talend).

How much impact on the huge data transfer time should I expect if I separate the Talend Job Server from Data Source Server or Data Destination Server?
Thank you!