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Wait and Iterate a sql query

Hi All,
I am having a difficulty in iterating a sql query in Talend Data integration tool. My Scenraio goes like this..
I am loading a set of files into the server and the corresponding job will get triggered. I need to wait until the job gets success/failure and then proceed for further validations.
I need to iterate for a status column to be updated in the job table in the intervals of 5 mins and then check again. I need to wait then iterate then check till the status column has been updated with Success/Failure.
Only when the job status is updated with a value then only the Talend job should do further actions.
Please help me!!
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Re: Wait and Iterate a sql query

tWaitForSql --(iterate)--> tFileList --(iterate)-->tFileInputdelimited --(main flow)--> ......
Only a suggestion ;-)