WSDL data source

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WSDL data source

I'm trying to use a web service as a data source and am not having any success configuring a WSDL Schema.
My understanding of how this should work is that I give the connection info in the Create WSDL Schema wizard including URL, authentication if any, and the value of required parameters. From this TOS should be able to discover the schema and present it to me in the next step of the wizard.
I consistently get errors about needing 1 arguments when I do not parameter values. If I don't include any parameter values. Seems strange that all you can enter are "values" not key/value pairs.
Nevertheless, no matter what method I call in the web service or what I try to use a parameters I get errors.
If I include parameter values I get other errors like:
Exception in component tWebServiceInput
java.lang.RuntimeException: not know how to convert 'user' into org.apache.axis.client.Call@147e668
Here is the URL I am using:
Note that this service requires authentication information in the soap header. Could this be part of my problem?
I tried using the URL in the documentation in the hope of just seeing this wizard work:
But that domain doesn't resolve.
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Re: WSDL data source

Follow up on my own post.
Am I seeing a bug? When defining the web service parameters the only column available is "value".
If I look in the Component Guide at the tWebServiceInput it shows the following column headers:
Name Value Class
However, in mine the only column header I see is "Value.'
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Re: WSDL data source

Same here.
using 3.0.3 tos.
Only column "value" is present, so I can't understand where to place required parameters. And is quite useless the webinput in this state because I of course I need to call a webservice with parameters coming from data flow.
I think that there is some missing stuff in the open edition of Talend, can people at talend confirm this?
Is it a bug?
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Re: WSDL data source

Also if it is possible to know how to pass parameters to a webinput, I mean parameters _coming_ dynamically from a data flow.
I need to test this for a big scale project, but before buying the full Talend suite for a big scale project, I need to get this working in Talend open studio to check any issues as proof of concept and rapid developing.
For now I'm considering to resort to java programming ( outside Talend ), creating a specific program to solve that.
This is the scenario, how to solve quickly with Talend?
Given a database with two fields, Country (VARCHAR) and VATCode, (VARCHAR) need to check with online service the validity of the fiscal VAT code.
The online service is
It publishes the operation "checkvat" as you can see and it needs two inputs, countryid and vatcode and then returns a multi value, but the only one to consider is the returned variable named "valid" ( boolean ) ... the others returned values can be discarded.
How to solve that is TOS?


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