VtigerCRMOutput limitation on insert

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VtigerCRMOutput limitation on insert

Hi again,


Since a few days, I'm facing a new issue with vtigerCRMOutput component.

Indeed, when I attempt to gather some data from a MS SQL Server (~5000 rows) and insert them in vtiger, through the vtigerCRMOutput component and vtiger webservice, the job pushs ~50rows then stops for some minutes and do it again.

Like there's some limitation but I never had such issue before, the only thing that changed is an upgrade of my talend open studio version (from 6.0 to 6.3)

Is there any additional configuration to handle for vtiger component ?


Thanks in advance and have a great day.


Best regards.


Re: VtigerCRMOutput limitation on insert


Could you please post some screenshot of you job setting? What's vtigercrm version you are using?

Best regards


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