VtigerCRMOutput component, assigned_user_id field issue

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VtigerCRMOutput component, assigned_user_id field issue

Hey there,
At first I would like to thank all the Talend team for their amazing work, I've been using it for some years and been able to achieve so much thanks to you.
But at this moment, I got a small issue with the vtiger components.
I'm trying to use the "assigned_user_id" field which, I hope, is related to the vtiger field "Assigned To", in order to import Accounts into vtiger.
So far, everything I intended to do work (even writing from Talend into Account custom fields table) but the assigned_user_id (set with correct vtiger user id) always end up by being assigned to vtiger admin id (which is the account used to run the webservice from Talend vtiger component)

So, is the assigned_user_id related to vtiger "Assigned to"?
Am I missing something to make it work?

Thanks in advance and have a great day.
Best regards.


PS: vtiger "Assigned to" might be "Related to" not sure since it's translated on my side :-)


Re: VtigerCRMOutput component, assigned_user_id field issue


Which talend build version you are using? Could you please post your vtiger component setting screenshots on forum?

Best regards


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