View Talend .screenshot file

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View Talend .screenshot file

Is there any way for me to look at the .screenshot with an image viewer? Talend crashed and destroyed my work, now I have to recreate it. Being able to see the image of the job structure would make my life so much better right now...

Re: View Talend .screenshot file

So far, it is impossible to view Talend .screenshot file by an image viewer.
What's error making your work destroyed? Does it still repro again?
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Re: View Talend .screenshot file

hi all,
I think you have to decode base64 of screenshot file to be able to use it as an image.
You can generate html documentation to have a readable overview of your job/process
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Re: View Talend .screenshot file



To view the image, you have to convert the data of the VALUE field on the XML using a Base 64 converter




I have no errors on my projects. Just curious about thye purpose of this file and why keep it on the repository, as it is regenarated everytime.



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Re: View Talend .screenshot file

Hi Kzone!


Understood. Is there a tool to make this documentaion? I would like to view it!



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