View Schema with *.DBF FoxPro tables?

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View Schema with *.DBF FoxPro tables?

Hey all,
I am having an issue with reading the correct schema, and subsequent data, out of DBF FoxPro files. I can register the DB connection, and it sees the correct folder structure from the FoxPro directory (this was set up in the ODBC Data Source Admin), but when working in Talend, there is no schema info for the tables and more importantly, no data can be read out.
Some more info:
These are posts from 2007-2011 related to this topic, but none of the solutions worked for me...
Reading Visual FoxPro DBF Data
Overall guide on connecting to FoxPro
Extract Data from DBF Files
The newest Visual FoxPro driver is an OLEDB driver, Microsoft is no longer supporting the dev of the generic ODBC driver. However, my organization has a "deployment package" for VFP and this is bundled with the "old" ODBC driver. I cannot update this without breaking other processes. Therefore, I am *not* using the most up-to-date VFP driver - although there is no guarantee that this driver would fix the issue.
Does anyone have a working solution, or any suggestions?
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Re: View Schema with *.DBF FoxPro tables?

Have you checked this working example at
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Re: View Schema with *.DBF FoxPro tables?

Thank you for your response;
The tDBInput component requires
...relevant DBMSs' ODBC drivers should be installed and the corresponding ODBC connections should be configured...

The drivers and subsequent config are exactly my issue.
Any other suggestions for a DBF/FoxPro-specific solution?

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