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View SOAP Message with Debug Proxy

Is it possible to use a web debug proxy with Talend to view SOAP / REST messages? I am attempting to use the tWebService component and having a bit of difficulty verifying the content.
If anyone has set up a web debug proxy (like Charles or Fiddler), would you mind showing how you set this up?
Thank you-
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Re: View SOAP Message with Debug Proxy

I just figured this out and it's extremely useful, so I thought I would post the steps I used:
1) On the Run tab, click Advanced Settings
2) Check Use Specific JVM Arguments
3) Create three new arguments:
4) Launch Fiddler
5) Run the job and you should see the HTTP traffic in Fiddler.
A few notes:
- This doesn't appear to work with tFileFetch for some reason, but it does work with the new tRest component in 4.2.0M4
- If you are making a call over https, you need some additional steps:
1) Export the Fiddler self signed (DO NOT TRUST) certificate to a file on your machine
2) Import this certificate into your Java keystore
3) Add a tSetKeystore component to your job and enter your keystore location and password
Good luck!
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Re: View SOAP Message with Debug Proxy

works well! thank you