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Very slow to connect Access

When connect to Microsoft Access through uncanaccess, check process will take more than 5 minutes in picture shown process.


tAccessInput will also take about 5 minutes to select table.


I set memory=false;singleConnection=true, otherwise it will throw out of memory error.

Is there any way to speed connection process?




Re: Very slow to connect Access



Can you put this as a jira ticket at  If you have support ticket, please log it through our support.  We will need to see why it is taking so long.  


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Re: Very slow to connect Access

I want to see whether someone get the issue as me. Connecting to Access should be common. If it's not my configuration issue, I will open a jira for this issue.


Re: Very slow to connect Access


Did you get this issue on V 6.4? Where is your access DB?

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